Kendrick is my name, one I wear with pride. It was my dad’s name. My father, who passed away about this time last year, is my hero. The man never graduated high school, never earned any kind of secondary training or certification, but worked his way up the ranks at our local newspaper.

The man that started his career as a paperboy eventually became a beat photographer and then a reporter before finishing his life in journalism as an editor. Everything good about me comes directly from my father. You can understand why I’m proud to be named Kendrick.

I’m still mourning my father’s death, though one great thing came out of it – I was introduced to meditation by a friend who thought it would help my state of mind around the time of my dad’s unexpected death from a heart attack. Meditation classes at our local Buddhist temple led to research into Zen Buddhism. Now I am what you might call a modern Zen student.

I want to use this site to share what I’ve learned about the Zen philosophy and Buddhism and to help spread the word to other people in pain. I don’t know if I would have come through my dad’s death as well as I did without the Zen influence.

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